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His grandfather was an opera singer at the Scala de Milano whereas his father, Gerard Badini, is a well known sax player and conductor thanks to his work with Duke Ellington, Stan Getz, Dee Dee Bridgewater, among others. As a teenager, Jerome discovered Maurice Ravel, Igor Stravinsky, Miles Davis and James Brown. He has composed music for advertising (Nescafé, Kellogg’s, Canadian Airlines...) and TV series. Then, house music from Chicago invaded Paris...

Fueled on Maceo Parker and Bennie Maupin, Jerome Badini created his own style: electro-sax! A powerhouse sound, terse and hypnotic, the sax is a trance-maker in his hands. He's been acclaimed performing live with dj-producers Little Louie Vega (in New York), Derrick May (in Ibiza) and DJ Sneak (in Paris).

In 2001, through Dimitri From Paris, Jerome met with Alexkid. Together, they composed the ballad Trindade for Trip Do Brasil (Sony). In 2002, with David Duriez, he recorded the famous Get On Down (2020 Vision).

In 2004, he has composed and produced 'Round The Clock (Super Bad Trax), a 12 track journey. This album takes us to the enchanted world of Super Bad, the tenor sax adventurer, who guides us through a day of musical reverie and conquest, all throbbing with that energy many claim, but few possess: swing!

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